Bridge Technical Consultants are an independent CCTV consultant for companies, organisations and local authorities who are looking to review, or install a new, CCTV / Video Surveillance System (VSS).

We do not sell, install or maintain any security systems. We provide independent advice for these systems.

We have worked on a number of large, and small, scale projects as a CCTV / VSS Consultant. Our clients range from Local Authorities, Museums, Airports, Universities, Sports Stadiums, Passenger Cruise Ships and Hospitals.

However, we are not limited to those listed above. Our client base is growing all of the time to cover a wide variety of markets.

Because of our independent status we are able to advise on the most suitable solution, while not being limited to one supplier.

Within the UK there are thousands of CCTV systems that have been installed many years ago. Many of these systems no longer provide the correct CCTV coverage for the building.

Technology has moved on and these older systems are no longer supported by the manufacturer. BTC can review what your current threats are to determine how the CCTV system should be performing. This review is used to produce an Operational Requirements (OR) document as defined by the UK home office.

With an OR defined the current CCTV is reviewed and a report issued that highlights areas of concern, weakness and a full set of recommendations for the customer to address.

BTC can then provide a specification for the client to obtain competitive pricing against. BTC are able to assist in evaluating those quotations and provide support throughout the project deployment

Town Centre Public Space CCTV Column and Cameras