Bridge Technical Consultants are an independent security consultants provider that supports a wide variety of companies, organisations and individuals across the UK.

Every security project is unique.

Our first objective is to establish the issues that are being faced by the client. This is carried out by conducting interviews with all parties to establish the risks a building or organisation faces.

With the risks established we are able to produce an operational requirements document.

We produce independent reports on the status of the equipment and advise if upgrades are required to any part of the system. Our reports provide recommendations to every highlighted risk that we identify.

We also provide independent security consultants to projects. Beginning at the concept stage through design, to the final deployment and commissioning.

Does your security system look like the image? Has your maintenance company allowed it remain in this condition?

Do you now need to upgrade?

We at Bridge Technical Consultants have completed a number of electronic security systems upgrade projects on operational sites and can support you in choosing a suitable installation company.

Bridge Technical Consultants are experts in the following fields: –