Bridge Technical Consultants provides a comprehensive physical security audit to a wide variety of companies, organisations and individuals across the UK.

These audits cover all aspects of electronic security systems including CCTV, access control systems (ACS) and intruder alarm systems (IDS).

These audits are often conducted on systems that have been installed for a number of years. However, more recently we have been involved inspected and reporting on new installations to ensure companies have been supplied the correct equipment against their specifications.

A Physical Security Audit consist of the following steps:

  • Establish the number of locations requiring auditing
  • Establish the types of security system to be audited e.g. Access Control System (ACS), Video Surveillance System (VSS / CCTV), Intruder Detection System (IDS) & Perimeter Intruder Detection System (PIDS)
  • Establish if any common security platforms exists across the organisation e.g. One VSS Manufacturer or one ACS Manufacturer
  • Establish if an Operational Requirements document exists at each site for the security systems
  • Create an audit checklist document for approval by the client to ensure all required information is captured
  • Obtain O&M manuals / relevant documents (If they exist for each site)
  • Obtain plans of each site for mark-up during site inspection
  • Conduct a desktop review of the documents (If they exist for each site)
  • Establish the size of each locations security systems for auditing so a realistic time required on site can be set
  • Create a site inspect schedule based on each sites size
  • Conduct a site inspect / audit at each location consisting of the following
  • Control Room Inspection (If at the site location)
  • Record all security system head end software / hardware model numbers and software versions
  • Interrogate each security system head end software to establish what is on the site e.g. CCTV – obtain list all cameras on the system from the software and ensure they are operational by viewing the live and recorded images, check image quality etc
  • Visit each security system location within the building and document the device, condition and photograph (If allowed)
  • Complete Audit report document of each site
  • Establish if any software / hardware is End of Life (EoL) by liaison with each manufacturer
  • Mark up site plans to show the location of each security device
  • Deliver the security audit report / drawings to the client

Some examples of previous projects are listed below:

  • County Council, Southwest, UK – Report on a control room installation to ensure compliance with the relevant British Standards
  • College, Cambridge, UK – Report on the status of the existing access control system and the options to secure the site while allowing access to students with the least impact
  • Museum, East Anglia, UK – Report on the status of the existing security systems
  • Sporting Stadium, London – Report on the status of the existing security systems
  • Data Centre, Northamptonshire – Report on the status of the newly installed security systems