At Bridge we strongly believe in CCTV Training and electronic security education.

When we at Bridge began in Security in 1990 there was none of the training and support that is available today with qualifications that demonstrate that the holder has the required level of knowledge and skill to complete the task.

Today there are a wide variety of courses and qualifications offered by companies and manufacturers to increase the knowledge of the industry.

We at Bridge hold the PTLLS Level 3 teaching qualification which enables our Senior Consultant, Warren Collins, to teach at Tavcom who are the leading supplier of security systems training. When teaching at Tavcom Warren deliveries the CCTV over IP course and is the creator / tutor for the online Access Control course which offers a BTEC Level 3 qualification.

As well as providing classroom based training we at Bridge have travelled globally in support of customers who need a qualified trainer to deliver classes to their customers that their own personnel are not able to.

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